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While tokenization has a huge potential to change the world for the better, there is still lack of information and expertise as the market is in its infancy and underlying infrastructure is just being created.

ValueTokenized closes this information gap, accumulating knowledge of the market and sharing it publicly for free.

By providing free educational content we help businesses tokenize the world and facilitate creation of internet of value for the humankind to be able to transact value as easy and cheap as sending an email.

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Everything should be tokenized. The only interview with Jeffrey Wernick in 2019

Everything should be tokenized - this and other tokenization and crypto statements will be discussed in this episode of Value.Tokenized with CryptoTwins and Jeffrey Wernick, a bitcoin evangelist, independent tech investor and early backer of Uber, Airbnb and Bitcoin. This is the only interview Jeffrey Wernick has given in 2019.

Jeffrey tells us:

  • Why everything should be tokenized.
  • How to kickstart STO market.
  • What’s the biggest threat to security token concept.
  • What affected Bitcoin price in 2017 and what we should expect next.
  • What was the essence of his debate with Vitalik Buterin.

Are U.S investors interested in tokenized assets? Interview with Grant Gulovsen

CryptoTwins invited Grant Gulovsen, attorney at Illinois-based Gulovsen Law office, to discuss a lawyer’s perspective on asset tokenization in the U.S.

  • What makes tokenized securities a more attractive investment vehicle.
  • Is there an active interest in tokenized assets from U.S. investors.
  • Is tokenization really democratizing financial markets.
  • What is the first thing you need to do if you consider launching an STO.

How can tokenization help create liquidity. Interview with Dave Hendricks

In the pilot issue of ValueTokenized crypto twins Masha & Xenia are discussing tokenization space with Dave Hendricks, CEO and founder of Vertalo, a Registry and Cap Table platform for SEC Compliant Security Token offerings that is connecting broker-dealers, issuers, exchanges and ATS's.

Questions covered in the interview include:

  • What are registry and cap table, a concept unknown for ICO industry.
  • Why it is so important for security tokens.
  • What a potentially liquid asset looks like.
  • How can tokenization help create liquidity.
  • What is the Amazon press release format and how it can be leveraged by emerging industries.
  • Is there going to be a single standard for all security tokens.

IEO discussion with Dave Hendricks, Jeffrey Wernick and Grant Gulovsen

(sorry for bad quality of twins' sound 🙄🙏, the quality of main discussion is good and it is very insightful!)

We've seen a lot of hype in the media about new acronym IEO lately and there is definitely a lot of controversy around. We've invited some of the top experts on the market to have an open discussion about IEO and its implications on the industry.

What is a security token offering (STO)

In this video CryptoTwins Masha and Xenia are explaining what is a security token offering (STO) and how it is different from initial coin offerings (ICO).

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Co-Founders, Hosts

Having a background in entertainment & business, working with brands like Gibson and L’Oreal, Masha & Xenia built the Security Token Club with 1000+ participants worldwide, organize global events, and become active members of the tokenization community.

Tony Simonovsky

Co-Founder, Marketing & Processes

Being a serial entrepreneur with more than 14 years of experience in digital marketing, Tony started his first business at 19. Since 2017 he has been working in the blockchain space full-time, having raised more than US $60,000,000 for his clients.

Vasiliy Lovkovskiy

Co-Founder, Products

Vasiliy is an ex ‘Big 3’ management consultant with international experience across industries ranging from airlines to diamond mining. His main area of expertise is streamlining business processes and organizations, and his current challenge is to establish sustainable business models in blockchain environment.

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